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About Us

Connecting investors with carefully chosen opportunities, Hap2py is a platform that offers investment security and attractive returns at fair rates. With a global presence spanning the UK, England, Romania, Estonia, the Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Israel, Finland, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, we’ve expanded our reach. In November 2022, we ventured into Malaysia, marking our first entry into Asia, followed by the launch of Hap2py Hong Kong in December 2022. Beyond wealth-building, Hap2py is committed to giving back, having donated over RM650,000 to charitable organizations in just one year. Come aboard for purposeful and profitable endeavors!

Your Investment Starts Here

*Hap2py’s return rate is based on the chosen investment package.
**Choose from 30 days to 365 days.


At Hap2py, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals for financial well-being and contributing to societal betterment. Our aim is to offer a purposeful platform that seeks to maximize returns for investors while fostering economic growth in local communities.


Our vision at Hap2py is to be a leading force in reshaping the future of finance. We aspire to build a global community of empowered investors and investees, connected by the principles of transparency, security, and purposeful investing. 

Why Choose Hap2py?

Unlike any other investment, we offer the highest return rate with minimal risk and shorter tenure period. Here are the 5 major benefits of investing in Hap2py:

At Hap2py, investors can generate returns while contributing to societal well-being. How does it work? By engaging with Hap2py, investors support verified individuals in need. A thorough verification process ensures authenticity. Additionally, a share of the profits goes towards charitable donations and events to aid those in need.

Ranked A and B plans on our platform come with a reliable insurance package from Corp Insure. This coverage ensures protection for investors' principal amounts, providing compensation in unforeseen circumstances.

For Rank C investors and those without insurance, Hap2py adds an extra layer of security with our Buyback Guarantee program, enhancing overall security.

Investors choosing Hap2py benefit from competitive returns. Explore potential monthly earnings of up to 8% through our investment plans and save in H+ for a daily interest rate of up to 0.15%.

The online sign-up process is simple, free and typically takes less than 5 minutes. All the collected personal information is strictly confidential and will not be shared to any third party.

Hap2py is licensed in UK and we provide Buyback Guarantee to protect investors’ principal.

About H+

H+ is an e-wallet designed exclusively for Hap2py investors. Investors can choose to keep their fund in H+ to enjoy up to 0.15% daily profit, which they can withdraw from H+ anytime.

All you need is RM100 to start saving in H+! 

*Saving less than RM50,000 = Daily Profit 0.05%
**Saving more than RM50,000 = Daily Profit 0.15%

Our Brand Ambassador

“With Hap2py, financial freedom is no longer just a dream.”

Adam Mitter
Hap2py Brand Ambassador | UK Professional Football Player

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