How To Invest Hap2py

Start Investing In 3 Steps:

All it takes is 3 simple steps and 5 minutes to start investing in Hap2py!

Step 1
Sign Up

Fill up personal details and provide your identification card to complete registration.

Step 2

Deposit your capital into Main Wallet.

Step 3

Choose your plan and start earning up to 8% in monthly returns!

Explore Worry-Free Investing with Insurance

Security for your capital even in challenging times

RankTenure PeriodInvestment ValueReturn RateInsurance Fee
A30 DaysRM1,000 ~ RM3,0008%5%
90 DaysRM5,000 ~ RM50,00020%4%
180 DaysRM60,000 ~ RM100,00032%
365 DaysRM110,000 ~ RM200,00035%
B30 DaysRM1,000 ~ RM3,00012%8%
90 DaysRM5,000 ~ RM50,00024%7%
180 DaysRM60,000 ~ RM100,00036%
365 DaysRM110,000 ~ RM200,00039%
C30 DaysRM1,000 ~ RM3,00016%X
90 DaysRM5,000 ~ RM50,00028%
180 DaysRM60,000 ~ RM100,00040%
365 DaysRM110,000 ~ RM200,00043%


Didn’t opt for insurance or invested in Rank C? You are still eligible for our Buyback Guarantee, which protects your principal up to 80%! Contact our Customer Support now to learn more. 

How are the investments projects being ranked?

Rank A

It has succeeded 5 times or more.

Rank B

It has succeeded 2 to 4 times.

Rank C

It is still new

Can't buy insurance for Rank C Investment? Hap2py provides Buyback Guarantee!


Applicable for Rank A,B & C


Protect up to 80% of your principal

P2P Investment

Over 100 New Investments Everyday!

Only need a minimum RM100 in H+ to start growing your savings with up to 0.15% daily profit!

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